We are in the mountains above Ephesis getting ready to travel on after a wonderful visit. I am not able to keep up my blog because we are traveling in and out of Internet opportunities plus we are covering so much ground we have very limited time. Time is built in for free time, but that is in places you would wish for that like beaches, mountain villages etc.

All I can say is Turkey is a gorgeous country. They have so many resources plus the oldest history on earth. Throughout civilization great empires want this geographical, strategical and educated country. It is easy to see why. The land is beautiful and the people are a warm gentle culture happy to help at any time. They are proud to point out they treat all animals and people with kindness and they are right.

I cannot possibly learn everything being taught, but what fun trying!

When does the concert begin?   
Goddess Nike and me. Winners!

 Hook me!

Moving On

We have traveled out of the city by bus, ferry, train and van. Everything has been fast, beautiful and an extreme study of ancient civilization. I hope to send more when I reach better internet connections. Alex is helping increase my ability with the ancient art of payola to the heathen kings of AT&T.

I can’t possibly bring you up to date, but we have seen many marvels of architecture, acquaducts, palaces and more. We travel in boats, ferries, busses, vans and trains. 

We eat, drink and have a great time, but our leader is here to make sure we learn the very reason this country has played such a pivotal role from the beginning until now. 


Topkapi Palace, the royal residence & court of the Ottoman Sultans for nearly four centuries. 
This underground cistern was built by the Emporor Justinian in the 6th century to provide water for the city. Early recycling was used by using old building pieces and this piece must have just fit better upside down.
I’d love to write more, but slow internet will not allow. 

We really appreciate Shirley’s important sports update!😘

We made it safe and sound!

The Internet has been a problem, but all is well. Benna Kay (BK) is a dear friend from days @ OSU. She is my travel mate and we already ache from laughter. Our group is 8 with guide and everyone is interesting and an experienced traveler so issues are small and joy is large.

Due to Internet problems, I am behind so good for you. Here are photos with minimal comment. Hahahahaha!

Turkish people are not what I expected and the surprise has been so fun. Vendors are not aggressive, jokes are abundant and we’ve found no one without time and patience.

This is some kind of goulash baked in a pot. They smack the end off and serve it. No, I did not order this. I am taking no chances to try and explain terra cotta flecks in my digestive tract. No need. All the food I’d fantastic!

Famous Blue Mosque was closed today, but we will catch it tomorrow.

People in Istanbul think animals will show you how you will be treated as a foreigner. Dogs and cats live alone on the streets marked with tags. The tags mean the animal has been spayed and given shots without an owner. Everyone feeds animals and they truly have the run of things here. The thinking can be if stray animals are friendly, well cared for and relaxed then as a visitor you should feel welcome. We do!

Underneath the city are other layers of civilization so many restaurants will let you go be low and peek. The Great Palace of Constantinople served as the main royal residence of the eastern Roman or Byzantine  emperors from 330 to 1081 and was the center of imperial admin for over 800 years. Only remnants remain, but they are everywhere and easy to find.